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What is the Practitioner Registry?

Statewide registries across the country work to increase the number of high-quality early care and education programs by helping to develop and track a knowledgeable and skilled early childhood workforce. They are based on an individual's verified professional achievements. Registries provide important data about the workforce to help raise the status of early care and education as a viable and unique profession in our society, and advocate for better compensation for the field. 

How do I apply?

First you will create an account. Once you have completed that step and signed in, you can start the application process by clicking ‘Apply’. This will take you through a step-by-step process of entering your personal information, education, employment, training, and professional information. Please see the Practitioner Registry User Guide below if you would like more detailed instructions.

Practitioner Registry User Guide

Registry FAQ's

How long does my registry last?

Your Registry Certificate will need to be renewed your Registry certificate annually by submitting a renewal application online at  You will receive three renewal reminder emails (30 days, 10 days, and 1 day before your expiration date). 

How many hours do I need every year?

16 Early Childhood Approved training hours are required annually in accordance with Child Care Licensing.  You will need to have 16 hours to submit your renewal application.  If you attend a training or conference that was not ECP approved prior to the event, individuals have the option to submit for approval of these events by completing an Individual Request for Training Approval online.

How are training hours calculated?

New Applicant: If you have never applied to the Practitioner Registry, you will not be required to meet a training hour requirement when applying.   At your yearly renewal, you will need to meet a 16-hour training requirement.  Your training hours for your renewal will begin accumulating as soon as you submit your application.

Renewals: When you are up for your annual renewal, you will need to have completed 16 hours in the past year to apply.  Training hours will be counted from the date that you submitted your application the previous year to the date that you are currently submitting.

  • EX: you submitted your application 02/28/2018 and your recertification is due 02/28/2019. In order to submit your renewal, the system will count all training hours obtained between 02/28/2018 to the date you are trying to submit your renewal.

The Training Hour Requirements report is available to you under the Reports tab of your Registry account.  This report will calculate your current training hours to let you know how many hours will be applied towards your next renewal.

Does my Registry Renewal match my Licensing Renewal date?

Your Registry membership is your individual membership that moves with you even if you change employers.  Your Registry membership renewal dates will not always match with your License renewal dates.  Please keep track of your training hours by checking out your Training Hour Requirements report under the Reports tab of your Registry account.  This report will tell you which training hours will count towards your next renewal.

What do I have to provide for my Registry application?

  • Transcripts showing graduation date,
  • High School Diploma,
  • or a High School Verification form.
    • This form applies to any applicant currently in High School, currently obtaining their GED/HiSet, or applicants that did not obtain their High School Diploma

*High School Verification is not required when you submit Higher Education Transcripts that can verify your High School Graduation.

CPR/First Aid

  • CPR must include Adult, Child, and Infant and be completed in a Hands-on Setting.

Employment Verification

  • This form needs to be filled out by the applicant and then signed by the employer. You can access the most up to date version of this form here: Employment form

If applicable:

Higher education transcripts:

  • Transcripts must include First and Last name, Name of college/university, program of study, course, and grades.

Certificates and Credentials

OPI License, CDA Credential, Montana Infant/Toddler Certification, etc

What if I don't renew on time?

If your registry account lapses, you will still be able to reapply when ready.  Training hours completed over a year prior to submitting your application will not be counted for your renewal.  This will change your future renewal dates and you will also not receive “Renewal Diamonds” on your certificate.

Can I renew early?

You have the option to renew 60 days prior to your expiration date.  This is an option for someone who has completed their 16 annual training hours and would like to renew early. This is a benefit if you have completed your 16 hours of training before your expiration date and would like to start working on your next 16 hours for the next year.  Please keep in mind that your expiration month will be in the date that you submit your application.

EX: Expire on the Registry 05/31/2020.  You renew early 04/01/2020.  New expiration date 04/01/2021.

What if I left the field and never renewed my registry?

If you have previously applied to the Practitioner Registry and have been expired for over one year, you will no longer be considered a renewal and will NOT need to meet the annual training requirement.  You will still need to meet that 16-hour training requirement at your renewal time.

If it has been less than one year since you have been expired, you are still considered a renewal and will need to have 16 annual training hours when submitting your application.

What CPR/First Aid is required?

Per licensing rule, CPR needs to be completed in a hands-on setting and needs to include Adult, Child, and Infant CPR. As of 3//1/2021, all cards must also state Pediatric First Aid on the card. If your card does not indicate that these modules were completed, your application will be marked as incomplete and we will request a valid CPR/First Aid card.

Do I need to have CPR/First Aid?

Adult/Child/Infant CPR/First Aid is required for anyone working in Direct Care with Children. CPR must be hands-on, not an online course. Pediatric First Aid is required as of 3/1/2021. If you are agency staff, you do not need to have CPR/First Aid to be current on the Registry.  We follow licensing rules for required staff.